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Chris SilichCreative Technologist


Client: Myself

React Web App

On practically all of my projects, whether they’re software, technology, or home improvement, I start with visual research using Pinterest or a similar tool. But Pinterest is so slow and cumbersome, full of ads, and the process to “pin” something is 2-5 clicks with a mouse.

Enter, Taggr, an app for visual research that lets the user do Google image searches, and very quickly tag the results they like, with an intuitive keyboard interface.


  • React
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Custom Search API
  • React Router
  • Vite
  • GSAP
  • SASS


A Web app, built in React. “Log in with Google” provided by Firebase, data storage in Firebase DataStore. Image Search by Google Custom Search API. Regular old events for the weird UI, and GSAP for the animations of that UI.

Details coming soon…