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Chris SilichCreative Technologist


Client: Atlanta Decorative Arts Center

Wordpress Development

ADAC, or the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, is a high-end collection of about 50 showrooms of interior decorators, designers, architects, and related businesses.

They needed a website that matched their luxury aesthetic, and also met their business needs of managing hundreds of events per year, and a directory of dozens of showrooms and their details and ads.


  • Originally, CodeIgniter (a now-obsolete php framework)
  • WordPress theme (from scratch)
  • PHP
  • SCSS
  • Advanced Custom Fields (WP plugin)
  • Gravity Forms (WP plugin)


  • The five content blocks on the homepage all populate their content based on different business logic, calendars, and options changed by the client.
  • The data for the 50+ showrooms appears on the website, but it also pulled double-duty as the client exports it for publication in a printed catalogue twice a year.

Types, and fields, and taxonomies, oh my!

The biggest challenge with this project was identifying all the intricate business needs of the organization. For example, each showroom in the directory has 33 pieces of data, and each event has 27! Making a UI for anybody in the ADAC organization to easily manage all that data was tough.

500 Live events, and counting

The Events system was also deceptively complex. Events had to automatically show on the upcoming or past events page based on the date and time of the event and half a dozen other specific reasons, but should also appear on various special event category pages based on various other factors.

At this point, the event system in this website has been central to ADAC’s business for almost 10 years, and has lead millions of visitors to their live events and showrooms.

This site can be viewed publicly, but for security reasons, I can’t share code or provide a log in for the back end.