iTunes Match stuck on “Step 1: Gathering information about your iTunes Library”

I signed up for iTunes Match today, mostly just to upgrade all my music to un-DRM’d 256k (the iTunes Plus method would have cost about $100 at 30c a track). The jury is still out on whether I’ll renew the service next year.

Anyway, it got all the way 100% through Step 1: Gathering information about your iTunes library. and then stayed there for hours. Finally I noticed that a few songs in my library add a little cloud icon with a line through it. Closer inspection showed that those songs were DRM’d and were purchased on my ex-girlfriend’s iTunes account, which I am no longer authorized to use. Deleting, or removing them from the library (if you can foresee a need for DRM’d files you can’t open) will fix the problem.

One thought on “iTunes Match stuck on “Step 1: Gathering information about your iTunes Library””

  1. Thank you! You are my hero of the weekend. In my case, the clouds did not have a line through them. One was a song of the week DRMd iTunes sample. The other was a duplicate of a song in my library from another Mac that I own. I also took the opportunity to delete the few duplicates I found. (not sure where they came from).

    This problem started after I had successfully signed up for iTunes Match and all of my music was in the iCloud. For some reason, when iTunes Match was rescanning my library, it hanged on step 1 for of 12 hours.
    Now if I can figure out why all of the songs are still in “waiting” status I’ll really be happy.

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